Office inspiration - create an efficient work environment in the office landscape

Do you lack inspiration on how to create an efficient work environment in the office landscape?

Office inspiration - create an efficient work environment in the office landscape

Do you lack inspiration on how to create an efficient work environment in the office landscape? Then you have come to the right place! We have gathered four tips on how you can create a good environment in the workplace where employees feel comfortable.

Read our blog post below and get inspiration that can help you take the décor of your office to a whole new level.


Make it easy for employees to retract into their own bubble

If you have an open office landscape, there are often many employees gathered in the same room, which can cause noise and disturbance from time to time.

It varies greatly how the individual employee reacts to noise. Some may block it out completely and continue their work undisturbed, whilst others can be greatly affected by a lot of noise in a room.

When you have an open office landscape, it is important that you respect all types of employees. Our first tip for the office layout is, therefore, that it is a good idea to create solutions where there is an opportunity to withdraw into one's own bubble.

There are several ways you can approach this. One solution may be to make small offices where it is possible to retire. This can also be a place where two colleagues can go if they need to talk about something. It can, therefore, also help to remove noise from the office landscape.

An additional benefit of this solution is that a culture is created in the company, where you really respect each other. Although this is, of course, not something that can just be implemented overnight. But it can, however, be a really good way to promote the use of the smaller office space, or whatever it may be, helping to create a more efficient work environment. 

An alternative to the expensive small offices can be a meeting telephone box, which is easy to set up and move around, but at the same time gives employees the opportunity to retire and take a call and concentrate undisturbed.


Make room for collaboration across departments

When you have an open office landscape, you will often have employees from different departments, with different competencies and tasks, working in the same environment. It is, of course, amazing if employees can meet across departments and competencies, as it provides ample opportunity to collaborate and solve tasks together.

But this can be difficult to do so if you have an open office landscape - for example, two employees who have to work on a project together may not be sitting close to each other. It is, therefore, a good idea to create different ‘zones’ where it is possible to meet across departments.

It is naturally advantageous if these zones are located slightly away from the general work area of ​​the rest of the office landscape. That way, other employees are not disturbed, but the work zones are still part of the office.


Think ergonomic solutions into the office décor and layout

When we talk about office inspiration that can improve efficiency, there is one particular area we cannot leave out. This is, of course, ergonomic solutions. Ergonomic office furniture is indispensable if you want an efficient workplace.

There are several different pieces of office furniture that are relevant when it comes to ergonomic solutions. The two most important types of office furniture are office desks and office chairs. It is not enough that only one of the two is ergonomically correct. A single piece of non-ergonomic office furniture can, in fact, affect the positive ergonomic effects of the other.

To provide the best possible office inspiration, here are some tips on what to look for:


Choose adjustable-height desks

Adjustable-height desks are a great addition to the office. There are several reasons for this - foremost is that an employee can easily adjust the height of the table to suit their prefered working position and build.

This means that an employee will be sitting at a table with the correct working height. It provides a more comfortable working position, and the employee can therefore work more efficiently.

When it comes to office inspiration, we also need to mention the benefit of being able to raise an adjustable-height desk all the way up to standing height. This enables an employee to switch between different working positions, namely both standing and sitting.

If your employees have very sedentary work, this is a really good way to create a more efficient working environment in the open office landscape. It can make a big difference that the employee gets to move around a little during the working day.


Prioritise office chairs with different settings

Office chairs with different setting options are also indispensable when you want a more efficient working environment.

The various settings allow an employee to set up an office chair to suit them specifically. This helps to provide the right support to the body so that the employee can work throughout the day without ending up with a sore body at the end of it.

A little tip is that you should always go for office chairs where it’s possible to adjust the seat height. It is also preferable if you can change the slope and height of the backrest. Being able to adjust the inclination of the seat is also an added bonus.

If you find an office chair that can do all of this, you are well on your way to giving your employees the best conditions to be able to work efficiently throughout the working day.

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