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The daily use of MuteBox makes a huge difference in Framehouse

Martin, Framehouse


“We have chosen MuteBox as they fit our house the best. MuteBox has the same DNA as us. It is certified oak tree and reused materials. That is just perfect for our house. Besides that, we also had the chance to create locations that almost look like they are build around the MuteBox”.  

Visiting Framehouse is almost like stepping into the forest on an autumn day in October. Framehouse is a business and office community, located in Dragør. On a daily basis, Framehouse has a busy schedule, housing various profiles packed with new tasks. At MuteBox, we have a great interest in getting to know our customers better, and finding out
how MuteBox benefits them and creates a difference on a day-to-day basis.

Framehouse stands out from other open office communities due to its architectural, stylistic, and energy-based elements. Architect John Foldberg Lassen is the man behind the building. He’s usually associated with international projects, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to create something new in Dragør. Foldberg Lassen has created
a building that is an inspiring image of the office community of the future - one inspired by barns with unique wooden constructions that form the framework for open office environments – all of which can be decorated in different ways.

In addition to this, the house is completely CO2-neutral and almost self-sufficient. The sustainability factor also plays a big role for us at MuteBox, where our product components are made from both certified wood and recycled materials. The owner of Framehouse, Martin Kvist Madsen, tells us with a big smile how it was actually some of his tenants who encouraged him to look into MuteBox.

“It was actually at the request of some of our tenants that we invested in the MuteBoxes. Together, we had a clear expectation that they could contribute to the daily need for private phone calls, small video conferences, etc.”

According to Kvist Madsen, MuteBox has managed that task to such an extent that he receives great feedback on a daily basis, and is himself one of the many diligent users. Furthermore, he thinks that MuteBox can be described in three words: "beautiful, functional, and inviting".

MuteBox was created to ensure better well-being in the workplace, to reduce noise, and, not least, to increase the possibility of available space in the office's meeting
rooms. In many open office landscapes, there has been a natural tendency for phone calls to be taken inside the meeting rooms so as not to disturb colleagues who are
concentrating on their work. This does, however, increase the pressure on the meeting rooms, which is a big problem in relation to scheduled internal and external meetings.

“We have chosen MuteBox because they fit into our office and they have a somewhat similar DNA to ourselves. They are made from certified wood and recycled materials. This is spot on for our building. In addition to this, we also had the opportunity to create
locations where it now almost looks as if the house is built around the
MuteBox,” says Kvist Madsen.

“That is, of course, not the case, but the MuteBox does fit in extremely well here," he concludes.

We look forward to continuing the journey with Framehouse and to getting to know more of our
customers better. If you would like to share your MuteBox experience, we would love to hear from you.

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