100-day Return Policy*

2-year Warranty

Designed & Manufactured in Denmark

SACKit Office Chair



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Excl. Vat

100-day Return Policy*

2-year Warranty

Designed & Manufactured in Denmark

Are you easily distracted when others are talking on the phone?

Research shows that our productivity deteriorates significantly when interrupted by someone else's phone call.

No available meeting rooms?

When a single person occupies a meeting room to make a call, it creates waiting time for the remaining employees.

Noisy phone calls?

Phone calls can be overheard by anyone and it seems disruptive to those who can listen in.

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Fantastic sound insulation

With a sound reduction of 30 dB (A), the MuteBox One creates space for calls and immersion in the open office environment.


MuteBox is built in sustainable wood and recycled plastic. In addition to this, we plant a tree for every MuteBox we sell.


MuteBox is 223cm high, 105.3cm wide and 107.9cm deep. The box weighs 250 kg.


You never run out of power with 2 electrical outlets in the MuteBox. The low-noise ventilation ensures a comfortable temperature, and the efficient LED light ensures comfortable lighting. We have thought of everything.

Place a virtual MuteBox in your office

Try our new AR feature, which easily lets you see and experience how a MuteBox fits into your particular office.

Scan the QR code with your camera
Use your iPhone, Android phone, iPad or tablet.

SACKit Nordic Bar Stool Eg

You can choose a SACKit Nordic chair in the highest quality when you rent or buy the MuteBox. Feel the soft 'Sørensen' leather on the seat and let your hands slide over the smooth solid oak - you will then know it fits the MuteBox perfectly.



Excl. Vat

What our customers say

“Our MuteBox is constantly in use, and has become an indispensable part of our office. The MuteBox has had a fantastic impact on our work environment and general well-being, and it has had a positive effect on productivity. I actually think we need one more”.

Kim Søgaard Nielsen


“We have small open offices and noticed that a lot of employees were walking back and forth while talking on the phone in the hallways, which was disturbing. The MuteBox has definitely been the right solution to the problem”

Per Hein


"We experienced a fantastic service at MuteBox, and everyone in the office is absolutely crazy about the MuteBox"

Sðley H. Hammer


"MuteBox has virtually freed up an extra meeting room. Now we no longer have a single person occupying a large meeting room simply to talk on the phone."

Andreas Lang


Step into some peace of mind

The unique feeling of being able to be completely present when you need to make an important call or focus on a significant work task can’t be underestimated. The MuteBox is your best weapon against stress - as well as the path to increased well-being and joy in your workplace.

Fantastic sound insulation

Create peace of mind in the open office with a space where you can focus on your important call.


With the MuteBox, you get a confidential speaking space when you need it.

Always power

You never run out of power with 2 electrical outlets in the MuteBox.

Work light

The efficient LED light ensures comfortable lighting.


In addition to being built in sustainable wood and recycled plastic, we also plant one tree for every MuteBox we sell.

Keeps your head cool

Our engineers have sweated so you don’t need to. The quiet ventilation ensures a comfortable temperature.

2-year warranty

MuteBox is the only telephone box on the market with a full 2-year warranty. We stand by our product.

100-day return policy

If the MuteBox does not make a positive difference to your workplace, simply return it within 100 days.

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